For the very first time I am selling one of my artworks in shares, via Feral Horses.


The painting is Radar, 100x160x4.6cm, oil on canvas 2015, UK. "This work was inspired by Gerhard Richter's scrape technique, I feel a little guilty borrowing it, but everyone does and it is such a cool way to work. The thing about this process, creating layers of thick oil paint and then scraping through them, is that you never really know how it is going to turn out, or when to stop. I had made a few works keeping to the horizontal and this piece was an experiment to see if I could take the scrape round a curve, just like a radar. Much to my surprise it came off and the colours came out just as I had hoped they would." - Niki Hare
The idea is that if I can sell 75% of the shares (I will keep the remainder) the work will be purchased by Feral Horses who will manage all logistics and rent the work out to select venues in London. The rental income will create a dividend for investors, and they also have the option to resell shares in a secondary market on the site. The work is split into 1000 shares @ £4.51, and there is the option to buy between 1 and 200 (20% of the artwork).
Please contact me for further details or use the link above to take you direct to the Feral Horses site.