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I am very excited to announce my collaboration with Area Environments of Minneapolis, US. A selection of my pieces are now available as wall coverings to grace the walls of your home on a scale that is only limited by your imagination!

Founded in 2011 by Owner Jamie Reich and Creative Director Kathryn Korb, Area Environments began with the desire to merge Fine Art with the world of wallcovering. Area believes there is room in the industry for fresh ideas and incorporates fine art in a way that makes an impact.
Coup d'Etat, San Francisco
Area has grown from an idea into a full functioning creative studio that produces impressive custom murals and large format art.

Working with international artists allows Area to stay on top of current trends while remaining anchored to some of the oldest traditions in Fine Art. The eclectic mix of styles and artistic methods provides a wide variety of murals and patterns. We support our artists’ endeavours by ensuring they receive a percentage of the proceeds

[Area’s parent company, Apropos Studio, started over 25 years ago by Jamie Reich. Apropos started as a painting studio that created hand painted finishes for various retailers. The company evolved into digital printing and now functions as a creative studio for some of the largest retailers in the world.