Duality at Espacio
Duality at Espacio

24-29 July 2014
Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green

Preview: Thursday 24 July 6-9pm

Duality is the condition of being two, of having two parts usually with opposite meanings, two splitting parts stemming from one unit like the existence of good and evil in human nature.

Duality is present in the enigmatic nature of mankind - up and down, peace and war, love and hate, etc. The idea of opposites (Yin-Yang, the union and harmony of opposites) has existed in both Eastern and Western philosophy since ancient times.

Duality has been farther examined, it has technical meanings in geometry as well as physics, and it can be challenging. However, for this show we aim to get into a playful, free-spirited investigation using art and a great dose of audacity!

Lawrence Mathias, Sinclair Watkins, Justine Roland Cal, Silvio Severino, Carla Fleck, Liz Derbyshire, Kevin Derbyshire, Les Lismore, Mark Nelson, Liz Kent, Carl Meek, Niki Hare, Marina Lewis, Pascale Pollier, Luciana Duailibe, Bryan Green, Terryfy, Gaëlle Garbani, Sharon Sondh, Dong Li-Blackwell, Swaroop Biswas, TAO, Nicholas Peart, Chris Francis, Kevin Jackson